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The Leggat Advantage

There are a lot of commercial fleet leasing companies out there competing for your hard earned money. On the surface, they all look very much the same; but looks can be deceiving. Fleet leasing companies vary greatly in size, experience and quality of service. Cost is an important factor in choosing the right company, but it’s not the only factor. It is imperative that the leasing company you select can satisfy all of your needs, while staying within your budget.

Your business depends on your corporate fleet leasing of vehicles to make deliveries, call on clients or travel to job sites. As a business, you need reliable, well maintained vehicles on site at all times. A well-managed corporate fleet will keep your company rolling in the right direction without a lot of down time. When your drivers are operating safe, reliable vehicles, their morale is high, your deliveries are consistently on time and your customers are satisfied. This projects an image of success, and quality service.

That’s the image you demand for your company, and Leggat National Leasing will help you achieve it. Our dedicated team of specialists has been serving customers in South Western Ontario, the Greater Toronto Area and the Grey Bruce region for decades. They are experienced in every aspect of commercial fleet leasing, and have a long history of superior service and quality that is unmatched in the industry.

Leggat Leasing Services

When it comes to leasing a commercial fleet, every company has its own unique needs. Your Leggat Leasing team member will evaluate your specific needs and, with our specialized fleet financing programs, design a plan that fits you perfectly. Depending on your finances, goals and other factors, we may recommend either our open end lease, which has no kilometre restrictions, or our more traditional closed end lease.

Among the services we offer with our lease programs are selector and cycling consultation, as well as concessions, costing and ordering, and disposal and re marketing. With our full commercial unfitting services, we can help you with special equipment needs such as dumps, decks, racking and shelving, dry freight bodies and more.

Fleet Management Solutions

Managing a commercial fleet can be a full-time job in and of itself. Leggat can create a comprehensive service plan to keep your vehicles running smoothly and problem free. That means you spend less time managing your fleet, and more time growing your business.

Company Employee Programs 

Your employees will thank you when you take advantage of our Company Employee lease program. Leasing a car with Leggat National Leasing gives your employees receive exceptional personalized service. By offering an employee program, your staff can enjoy the same high caliber of customer care that you receive.

Our Business Philosophy 

At Leggat National Leasing, we embrace all new technologies that help us improve our business. We believe that honesty, integrity and value are the cornerstones of success; and we measure our success by your satisfaction.

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