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3 Car Leasing Mistakes to Avoid

November 01, 2013

3 Car Leasing Mistakes to Avoid

When it comes to leasing a car for business, pleasure or commercial use, Leggat National Leasing has a superior program in place. Our knowledgeable auto leasing experts are eager to educate our customers about how to get the most out of their leases. Here are 3 mistakes to avoid so you don't have to pay costly fees at the end of your lease period:

Exceeding mileage limits

It is very common to have mileage limits on the contract of your lease agreement. Before signing the leasing deal, make sure that the agreed-upon mileage limit is fair. Often, drivers who go over their mileage limits end up paying a fee. Tip: get associated with your driving habits and try to secure a mileage limit that will suit your needs.

Not maintaining the car

Most car leases include a maintenance agreement. In order for the manufacturer to acknowledge your monthly maintenance, you have to go to licenced garages to get your service done. At the end of your lease period if you fail to maintain your car, you might incur some extra fees.

Fall behind on monthly payments

When choosing the car you want to lease, make sure you pick a car that's in your budget. The more sophisticated your car is, the higher the monthly payments will be. Before you commit to a lease, evaluate your existing monthly expenses. If you can afford to take on another expense without stress, go ahead! Sign the lease!

If you have any more questions or comments about leasing with Leggat National Leasing, do not hesitate to contact us. Our leasing professionals will be able to answer all of your questions and take care of all your car leasing needs.

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