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The Leggat Advantage when it comes to leasing for your business? Try the Leggat Advantage..

August 27, 2013

The Leggat Advantage when it comes to leasing for your business? Try the Leggat Advantage..

Why does the Leggat Auto Group dominate the market when it comes to leasing? Simple: We value and care about our consumers. This means is we measure our success by the level of your our customer satisfaction so we want to make all of our consumers happy. Whether you are seeking a company car, or looking for a company fleet, trust the Leggat National Leasing Program when it comes to leasing.

Leggat understands that your company image is important. You need reliable, well- maintained vehicles to make deliveries, travelling to job sites, or to business meetings in the company vehicles. You cannot have vehicles that are going to slow down your staff and bring down your business. To maintain this success, The Leggat National Leasing Program Leggat can provide your company with smooth operating, safe, and reliable work vehicles.

Supervising a commercial fleet can be a full-time job on its own, and we want you to focus on your business. We can provide your company with an easy solution to organizing a commercial fleet. We can create a complete service plan to keep your vehicles running effortlessly and trouble- free. That means more time growing your business, and less time managing your fleet.

Other services we offer with our lease programs are:

  • Selector and cycling consultation
  • Concessions, costing and ordering
  • Disposal and Re-marketing vehicles.
  • Special equipment needs such as dumps, decks, racking and shelving, dry freight bodies and more.

Every company has its own unique needs, so every company should get a specific lease plan to suit their business. One of our Leggat team members will review your detailed needs and, design a plan that fits your business seamlessly. When it comes to your commercial leasing needs across South Western Ontario, and the Greater Toronto Area trust the Leggat Advantage with Leggat National Leasing.

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